17 October 2010

birthday snapshots

Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple days, I've been making my way to the other side of the country.  Today just happens to be my 21st birthday and I'm spending it in California!  Here are a few iphone photos of my birthday morning (taken with the hipstamic app).
Me, getting ready for the day.  creepy ghost face, but really cool wallpaper.
Mimosa!  My first legal drink in the US!
Cowboy Dill.  My brother lookin' sharp.
Old Town, San Diego.  This store has way to many awesome moccasins.
Cigars, pipes, some cigars, some more pipes.
sis-in-law/best friend Erin, me, and a giant cactus.
My favorite type of candy, and lots of it.
Dr Suess tree!
New outfit post should be up later as long as I have time!  Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post.  I'm off to eat some chocolate and possibly take a lil birfday nap. x


  1. Hehe love the "first legal drink" caption! Looks like a lovely little celebration :)

    <3 Sophi

  2. Love your outfit - This looks so fun! That giant cactus looks like a pretty good time, as well. Lol. BTW, Thank you for your comment!! I'm definitely going to check out that camera..

    www.kenziefaith.blogspot.com x

  3. Lovely photos - looks like a wonderful way to celebrate. I love your outfit!!

  4. This pictures are fabulous. Happy belated b-day. I'm catching up on all your posts while I was in KY. So great!


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