11 June 2011

cricket and roxy

I really never planned on taking such a long break from blogging after getting back from Europe, but sometimes life throws us something unexpected... 

 My darling little pug, Cricket, and her cousin pug, Roxy, (my brother and sister-in-law's) passed away suddenly from heatstroke earlier this week.  It was obviously unexpected and very, very heartbreaking for so many of us.  

It has been really, really, hard for me, but I have the most supportive & loving family in the whole world who have helped.   Plus, my other pup, Bella is healthy and I'm so thankful that she was spared to comfort all of us who are so sad at the loss of our sweet, snorty and super feisty puggies.  

I'll always miss Cricket's endearing awkwardness, Rox's mischievous scheming and their ability to put a smile on everyone's face.  Losing them is tough (understatement), but like my brother said, I'm sure they're eating pizza off the table in Heaven.  :)

(my brother dill watching arrested development with the two darlings)

RIP Crickabilly Showdown and the One-Eyed Garbage Snatcher!!  Love you forever. 

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