26 January 2012

things I like no.2

clockwise from top left:

1. How to Bejewl Your Tights I will definitely be trying this easy DIY.  These tights remind me of Mrs Piggle-Wiggle!
2. Minakani Walls This Parisian studio makes lustworthy designer wallpaper.
3. Flapper Girl Neck Ties I would love to dress up a plain collar with one of these pretty handmade ties.
4. Old Ideas Leonard Cohen's new album is released on Tuesday, but you can get a first listen over at NPR Music.
5. 78 78s by Ian Nagoski I really dig Ian's project using old 78 RPM discs.  Read more about it on NPR.
6. The Western Canon Check out this new LA music collective featuring a themed monthly radio program.  My brother's band Airships is included among the talented musicians.

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