01 August 2012

wishes for a happy August

A toast to savoring the fleeting days of summer, all while secretly beginning to anticipate the first days of fall: 
Here's to campfires and fireflies and here's to the ocean spilling over your sandy toes.  
Here's to warm rainstorms and cold beers and here's to ice cream cones underneath the streetlights.
Here's to finding satisfaction in the present, and not fearing that things will change (because they always do and it is always OK). 
Here's to accepting that you'll have another beautiful August to look back on, and here's to making that August beautiful while it lasts. 

1 comment:

  1. So reading this just evoked so much emotion in me that my eyes welled up in tears. This is not a bad thing at all as my mind was instantly transported back to summer's past spent with my grandparents, laced with memories of listening to AM radio on the porch drinking lemonade along with beach trips with sandy toes, & evenings in the backyard catching fireflies. Thanks Michal. Your writings are beautiful, simply put.


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