18 September 2012

life lately

         I look up and it is September 18th and I haven't blogged since August.  Instead I've been spending time with my little sister before she makes the big move to England, and I've visited some friends in New York and once I even rode my bike all day long.  I've been cooking a lot, and eating a lot, and reading a lot.  I spoke French with a woman I met in the coffee shop, and I mailed a letter to a friend who moved to Scotland.  I watched my friends play rugby and they beat Harvard!  I celebrated with beers afterwards.  I went to the park yesterday and I lay on the grass and noticed the dip-dyed persimmon-colored leaves on the top of the elm tree.  I read Lolita and almost fell asleep but the sun dropped behind the mountains and my jacket could no longer substitute for a pillow so I pulled it on and packed up my things and rode my bike home. 

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