05 November 2012

wishes on a one way street: forward

            I wish this for myself as much as I wish it for you: I wish we did more before we were ready.  I wish we would all stop trying so hard to be something and instead start doing something. Instead of waiting for the opportunity that “fits us”, I wish we’d pull on a pair of gloves and get to work. Instead of judging her because of her beliefs, I wish we’d go up and talk to her with the confidence that she has something to teach us. I wish we would walk into the conversation that makes us uncomfortable.  I wish we would question what they tell us and do the research ourselves and figure out where we stand and I wish we would make a decision.  I wish the popularity of an opinion did not dictate whether or not it is ours. I wish we acknowledged that admitting you are wrong is not always a sign of weakness but often a sign of wisdom.  I wish we would not be so afraid of being wrong that we don’t ever believe we’re right.  

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