27 May 2014

saying goodbye

When I was 10 years old, after Dillon and I begged Mom and Dad for a dog and wrote multiple essays to prove we were old enough to take care of one, we finally brought Bella home. She wasn't bigger than a teacup and Susie and I spent the first year squeezing her into my American Girl doll dresses (particularly the tutu so that we could practice ballet together). Growing up, Bella slept on the foot of my bed every night and when I sat down in front of the piano she would curl up underneath to listen. Just last week I was working on a new song and she encouragingly sat at my feet, looking up at me with her big brown eyes.

Today, after saying goodbye to the pup that was also my best friend, I took a walk down to the barn at the end of the road. I used to go there on humid days like today and pick the wildflowers that grew along the fence while Bella and the cows stared curiously at each other.  The fence is gone now and so are the cows, but standing there I could feel those magical summer days with my sweet puppy by my side. Life rolls on, time passes, yet some moments never really do.

Love you forever, Bells.

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