21 November 2011

sunny afternoon

I'm wearing: Target dress o thrifted sweater and purse o borrowed boots.  All photos by Susie except for the last.

One of my favorite afternoons from my trip to Orlando was spent rummaging through records and vintage clothing with my sister, Susie.  We found a vinyl shop and Suse bided her time by sneaking photos of me while I lost track of time in the seemingly endless LPs.  My sister finally convinced me to move on, but not before I picked up a couple Talking Heads records and left my promise that I'd return.  We walked across the street to a trendy cafe where Susie and I bought a refreshing mint iced tea and a mint coffee, respectively.  There was a vintage clothing store a few doors down that looked promising, but it ended up being a disappointment.  Upon my entering the store the owner briskly stated that I was only allowed to come in because I had a lid on my drink, which immediately made me want to pour my half-full* cup of peppermint tea all over her over-priced Cosby sweaters.  I tried to brush off her derogatory comment but she critically eyed my every movement, all the time talking on her cell phone!!  It was obnoxious, so I left, and headed to a real gem, Dechoes Resale Emporium, where the employees are super friendly and actually offer you a beverage when you walk in.  Needless to say, I tried on a million things, but I limited myself to buying a flouncy purple dress and a cardigan with golf carts and palm trees embroidered onto it.  (How Florida can you get?)

*At least I'm an optimist?

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