03 February 2012

things I like no.3

clockwise from top left:

1. Another Studio Planthouse My obsession with terrariums continues- this one looks like a turn-of-the-century greenhouse!
2. This tattoo I've been keeping a folder of tattoo inspiration for a long time and this is my newest addition.  Isn't it gorgeous?
3. Letterpress Yoda Valentine If you send me this Yoda valentine then I will marry you, it's that simple.*
4. Minnow Bathers Floral Heart Two Piece The 2012 swimsuit search has begun and I may have already found the one.
5. William Morris Textiles I happened across these textiles designed by William Morris in the mid-1800s. They're reminiscent of Art Nouveau designs- I guess he was ahead of the times!
6. Braided Headband DIY What a pretty way to recycle all those ripped stockings I have lying in my drawer.

*Just kidding, I won't marry you, but you should still send it to me.

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