21 May 2012

a charmed life

Goose Pond, Keene, New Hampshire

Don't you love when a weekend makes you so happy you don't even mind that it's Monday?

I woke up this morning on my couch, with records and empty cocktail glasses scattered around the living room.  Today my best friend, Sarah, moves to Rhode Island.  Friday night everyone showed up at the bar to drink one too many beers and give their goodbyes. 

On Saturday I spent the day in Dublin enjoying idyllic New Hampshire (there's a reason I live in this state).  It was one of those hot, sleepy days where you wish you could stop time because the sky is so blue and the sun is so warm and the water is so clear.  Dillon, Erin, Tim and I manned up and went swimming in Dublin Lake- the lake was so cold it stopped your heart, but once it started beating again, the water felt like heaven.  That night after I left work, Sarah came over and we planned our Mad Men party until the wee hours of the morning.  We pinned list after list to my bathroom door, made trivia cards, and set multiple alarms so that we didn't forget to wake up.  

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  Sarah and I started party preparations at 8am, which including robbing armfuls of fresh flowers from campus, spilling a bag of ice all over my kitchen, and lots and lots of baking.  We were so on schedule we even allowed ourselves thirty minutes to run down the trail to Goose Pond for a quick swim. 

The party was wonderful.  My apartment was full of my favorite faces, and seeing everyone dressed up made me realize what good-looking friends I have.  We drank Tom Collins' and mint juleps, ate fondue, snapped silly photos on disposable cameras and listened to jazz records.  After the last guest left,  I sat on my couch reflecting on everything.  The muggy midnight air floated through my open windows and fused with the sweet smell of the flowers scattering my apartment.  I breathed it in, and felt so lucky.  Saying goodbye to Sarah was very hard (I don't think I've ever cried so much saying goodbye to someone),  but I knew this weekend had been the perfect send-off. I grabbed a blanket and pillow, unplugged the twinkle lights, placed A Love Supreme on my record player and drifted off to sleep feeling very blessed and fortunate to know such lovely people.

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