11 January 2012

things I like no.1

clockwise from top left:

1. drinkify.org  Discover exactly what you should be sipping on when listening to your favorite band.
2. Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places  I'm saving up to add this legendary photography compilation to my collection.
3. Ellie Frames in Walnut  I've been lusting after these retro-inspired shades.  An added bonus: they're handmade in the USA.
4. I'll use this haircut as my inspiration when I finally start growing out my hair again.
5. Score and Soldier Terrarium  I have a more-than-small obsession with terrariums.  This handmade one is a work of art.
6. Art print by Ashley G.  I would love to hang this matter-of-fact, Shirelles-inspired print above my record player.

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